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Leather shoes are my personal favourite and thus I have a collection of over 9 different formal shoe types in my wardrobe. Which comprises of a pair of Oxfords, Derbys, Monk strapped, and Brogue styled leather footwear. As I am completely in love with my entire collection I am very particular about their care and handling. Shoe for men are what makeup is for ladies. A nice pair of shoes completes the look of a gentleman. So, to keep intact the shoe of my leather footwear I follow a few extra precautions and care tips. One can say that I am a shoe fanatic as I polish my shoe after every use and use a shoetree to keep their shape intact. Let me walk you through the polishing and grooming tips I follow to keep my shoes in perfect condition. Shoetree: A shoetree is an ideal shoe care accessory if you are looking forward to keeping a pair of shoes for a long time. If you really want your shoes to retain that perfect shape, use a shoetree and give a particular pair of shoe a day’s rest after every time you wear them, so that they can come back to their original shape.

Polishing Your Shoes: Polishing is a rigorous and painstaking process which is necessary for getting that perfect glossy finish. It all starts with Removing any the old wax or polish off your shoes, as it is one of the primary elements which is holding your shoes form shining bright. You need to do it with a soft cloth and an alcohol based cleaner, rather than a brush. You now need to take out the laces before you move any further. Now to rejuvenate the shoe leather, for this you will require any of the products including mink oil renovator, saddle soap or a good quality cream shoe conditioner. Do it with your first two fingers wrapped up in a soft cotton cloth. Allow the shoes to dry for at least 20 minutes after the rejuvenating process, as you are giving your shoes some time to soak the applied conditioner. Now apply a coat of a cream shoe polish using the same two finger and a cotton cloth trick. Try to apply a thin even layer of shoe polish rather than cakng up yor shoe with the polish. Now let your shoe absorb the shoe polish for at least 20 minutes. Next step is waxing your shoes with bee’s wax using the same finger and cloth technique. This should be done in a circular motion on the entire shoe, keeping in mind a thin layer is evenly spread on the shoes. Let the shoe absorb the wax for another 20 minutes. Now you will require a tin of dry wax polish, a tin of fresh moist wax polish, and a tin of tap water. Now, to get that glossy look, dip your index finger in water and dip it in the can of dry wax then tap it on the surface of the shoe. Generously rub it applying a little pressure on the shoe surface and continue doing it for almost 2 hours. Then take a long nylon cloth and rub it around the shoe as it will clean off any dust and help blend the polish on your shoe. Voila! Now you have a shining pair of leather shoe for men. If you have lost a pair of fine shoes for men to ill maintenance, then you can buy a fine pair of men shoes online at:

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