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Paucity of time to shop for items of personal use including the daily needs and steep increase in the usage of internet have resulted in extensive purchases made through online trading and a paradigm shift in lifestyle of majority of Indians. In particular, these trends have reached the apex in urban India to reflect the fact that there exists a trust in the on-line retailer who delivers the ordered product at the doorstep of one’s home. Thus when the option arises to buy shoes online India has numerous attractive options. Reportedly, the total number of individuals who fancy making purchases online will touch the mark of 350 million this year, second only to China that has around 580 million patrons of trading through e-commerce and m-commerce modes. Likewise a pair of comfortable women’s shoes too could be ordered over the online since almost all leading manufacturers of footwear and their authorised dealers have launched their own websites. Thus the prospective buyers can browse through these websites and place their order. However, the final decision must be taken after scrutinising all the details in the context of the brand, the material, the colour, the size and the price tag including discounts, if any.

Before placing the order, study the various websites in detail Consult the coach or trainer to ascertain the brand or make in case the intended purchase is for games or recreational sport Most of the online trading outlets for shoes have a chart of measurements and the modes of measuring each foot; follow these guidelines Take the right measurements of each foot including the width at the widest part Clarify if the shipping is free or it is charged. Confirm the probable date of delivery. Retain the receipt and the invoice as well as the packing in which the footwear is delivered to one is satisfied with the pair. This is very much essential in case the pair of footwear is a misfit or it has some defect so as to enable return of the pair for replacement. Of course, the purpose of buying sports shoes matters the utmost. As such one must be specific. For example, running sneakers differ from the ones meant for walking or used while playing various games like soccer, hockey, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf etc. Certain factors like the playing surface and whether the arena is indoor or outdoor too matter while choosing a pair of sports shoes. If these shoes are meant for trekking or camping outdoors one must ask the manufacturer to suggest a robust pair of right brand to withstand various odds. Leading footwear companies have qualified experts in designing and who know the anatomy of feet. The Government of India has also set up an academy named Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI). Rated to be amongst the best of footwear design institutions in the world, it has regional chapters at Noida, Chennai, Kolkata, Rohtak, Jodhpur, Fursatganj, Chhindwara and Guna. The FDDI’s name and fame have traversed across the world for nurturing skill, competency and commendable accomplishments in the industry.

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