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Wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity bands are all symbols of special moments and lasting relationships. But sometimes a change is needed, and once an engagement becomes a wedding and then a marriage meets a milestone, the addition of an eternity ring can mean it’s more difficult to know which order to wear them in. Here are some of the traditions behind each ring.

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When you are planning to marry the man or woman of your dreams, you wear a ring to signify the engagement on the fourth finger of your right hand.

It is believed that the tradition began with the Romans when women wore rings attached to small keys to symbolise their engagement.

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for stones to go in the engagement ring, there has recently been a change towards more colourful gemstones, according to Refinery 29.

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A wedding band symbolises the everlasting promise of a future together that you make on entering a marriage. Exchanged as an essential part of the wedding ceremony, nowadays both spouses wear them as a symbol of their love.

Platinum and gold are the most popular choices of wedding band materials, but fully set diamond wedding rings are an increasing trend.

A supplier such as Compare the Diamond can offer you advice on choosing the right option for you, with many Fully set Diamond Wedding Rings to choose from.

After your wedding, you move the engagement ring to sit on top of your wedding band on your left hand. When worn with any other rings, the wedding ring must always be placed on the finger first so it is closest to your heart.


Personal choice comes into play with an eternity ring. You can choose to wear it on top of your engagement ring or else wear it on your right-hand ring finger – a good option if the engagement ring includes a large stone.

Worn for a marriage’s milestone, traditionally eternity rings are given to celebrate an anniversary or occasion such as the birth of a couple’s first child.

They are luxury rings, often set with diamonds all around the band or, for those who love colour, sapphires or rubies are other popular choices.

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