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Orient comes to the top of the list when exclusive automatics are concerned. Orient makes great watches for the money, a fact that downplays some of their most exotic creations. Quality in-house movements with complications are regular offerings from Orient, along with the often-nice designs. The sport and military models are a great example of the same when it comes to the modern, larger, and quirkier versions. Each of the Orient Sporty Automatics is unique in its own way, enchanting and surprising at the same time, in a class of their own. The Orient Sporty Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch collection, among mechanicals, is a strong competitor. They keep the Orient trends true, offer great styles and their quality components show readily. In all the versions! The Orient Men’s Watch range shares the 46B40 automatic caliber with date function, a day-indicating hand and a 24-hour hand. All the watches in this range are 100m water resistant, so you can happily take them out for a spin and a dip.

The Orient Men’s Watch range has a very different feel. It’s a masculine palette often with beefier options and pleasant surprises as sapphire crystals. Their sizes, however, make them bit less formal than a proper formal or a dress watch, but none can possibly question their versatile looks and acceptance in most occasions, unless you are wearing the chunkier and bigger models of the Orient Watches using the 46R40 caliber. Those are specifically for outdoor pursuits. They, however; look good in the bars, the partial skeletonization in many offering a view of the functional movement. The power reserves are about 40 hours, which means a day and a half off the wrist is okay. Both the movements are quite efficient, with the power reserve indicator almost always showing near-full with everyday wearing. The Orient Watches use some decoration on the movement, which is not typical at this price point. Perlage-polish and signed-rotors are often a part of it; the polish resembling many high-end European watches. The decorations are not as detailed but they create experiences of the valuable feel. The Orient Automatic Mens Watch feature large, lumed hands, indicators and markers, which make them pretty efficient in the dark. The lume is really bright but the eyes eventually adjust and simply realize it is how these watches are made. It’s the common point of their personalities. The design similarity that puts all the Orient Sporty Power Reserve Men’s Watches under this category is all of them seem to ride the line between a go-to and a tool watch. Still, many of them have the sapphire crystal bend and slope slightly on to its edges to meet the bezel, which is a nice touch found in almost every more expensive watches.

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