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There are some people in our lives who prove incredibly difficult to buy for. Whether they’re brothers, mothers, sisters or friends of the family, we can waste a lot of time each year wracking our brains when special occasions roll around. But if you’re short on time and don’t know where to begin looking, don’t panic. You don’t have to resort to buying that pair of socks or novelty t-shirt that you know they don’t really want. There is plenty of choice on the web for last minute, affordable gifts that your friends and family will love. But you also want to find something that reflects the way you feel about them. Naming a star after your loved one is a unique and affordable way to show someone how much you care. By giving them this gift, you’ll be bestowing upon them something they can cherish forever; something they’ll always be reminded of when they look up at the night’s sky. This can be an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and to celebrate anniversaries. Similarly, if you’re going to a Christening and don’t know the first place to look for baby presents; this can be an incredibly special and affirming gift to give. It will make both the parents feel special – as well as the child when they one day grow up to understand the meaning behind it. The keepsake box will be something they can keep forever. Naming a star after someone can also be a lovely way to remember those who have passed on. It can provide the perfect token if you don’t want to turn up to a memorial empty handed, but are unsure what is an appropriate present to give. With this gift, you’re immortalising that person forever – and allowing their loved ones to remember them in a special way.

Whatever the occasion, this is a great way to make someone feel special. Not only will your special someone receive a tangible gift that they can hold in their hands, but they’ll also be getting something timeless that they can cherish forever – much more meaningful than a pair of socks! You can name a star anything you like, so you could even use a nickname to make it extra personal. When it comes to occasions such as Christmas or anniversaries, these gift boxes have got you covered. There are a range of themed gift boxes to choose from, all with specially selected luxury wrapping, organza keepsake bag and themed gifts to compliment the registration and location details which come in their own special box. There are often chocolates, extra presents and a card included too – so you won’t have to spend additional time or money buying any of these things separately. The gift boxes usually come beautifully wrapped, so they can either be delivered directly to the person, or given in person exactly as they are. The star registration details are usually displayed in a contemporary, luxury frame so that recipients can display them in their homes. However, you can order the gift without extras if your budget is tight. The gift will still come in its own special box, and the sentiment will certainly not be compromised. The gift is also ideal for astronomy lovers, as many gift boxes will come with a free eBook for them to enjoy. There should also be an included map of the night sky, where recipients can mark the location of their special gift, and display the poster on their wall for all to see. So, whoever you’re buying for, why not give them a unique and timeless gift that will truly make them smile? After all, if someone is a shining star in your life, now is as good a time as any to let them know.

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