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There’s not just one type of tie. When looking for ties online such as, it’s important to understand the variety of ties available on the market. For example, you may already be familiar with the most common type of tie, the classic silk tie. It is versatile clothing item that every man should own. It’s versatile because men can wear it in both summer and winter months. Classic silk ties aren’t the only option, though. Here are some other types of ties:

Wool ties are thicker because they are made with the wool material. This makes the perfect for the colder months. For example, wool neckties tend to keep a man’s neck warmer than a silk necktie during colder months. Wool ties have very traditional styles and colors because wool doesn’t absorb dye as well as other type of ties. Thus, the colors available are often darker and muted tones.

Knitted wool neckties are different types of neckties than traditional wool. They are knitted and have different patterns and colors. They are a trendier option for younger men because they can be worn at the office and to evening events.

The best neckties for warmer months are cotton and linen neckties. The materials are light. They often keep a man’s neck cool in the summer months. Cotton neckties give a man the options to match his attire because they are available in bold colors and prints.

Other Features of the Necktie

Once you know the material you want, it’s important to pick the color and style. Silk ties are usually reserved for business meetings and formal parties. Another option is a skinny tie. A skinny necktie is a tie that is thinner than the traditional necktie. It is considered a more contemporary look. If you or your date plans to wear a skinny tie, keep in mind the jacket lapels must be narrow too. In fact, they should be a similar width to pull off the contemporary look.

Darker colors such as navy blues and dark greys on a tie are more appropriate for the business environment. Bold colors are best for a casual, relaxed event. Style is key for a necktie. You have a variety of options such as the basic solid necktie. This is only one color. Polka dots ties are another option. They are traditionally two colors. A Foulard necktie is another great style choice. The name is French. It just means the tie has repeated symmetrical patterns on the tie in a grid block design.

Choosing a Necktie for a Specific Occasion

When choosing a necktie to wear at an event, it’s important to consider the weight, color and material of the tie. An ill-fitting necktie will make the rest of a man’s outfit look unkempt and messy. Also, make sure the tie isn’t too long. The right size tie stops at the top of a man’s belt.

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