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Contrary to the opinion of many people, a tie is not a one-size-fits-all article of clothing. On the contrary, wearing the wrong kind of tie at the wrong place and time can be as bad as wearing a blazer that does not fit well. Note that the body type of a person determines the width of a tie. Another important fact is that there are tie textures that you can wear to your office and some that you cannot.

If you do not have the right tie for the right occasion, you could end up looking unprofessional or out of place. Here are some tips that will guide you on wearing the right tie.

  1. Tie length and width

One of the best secrets when it comes to a great look is wearing the right proportions. This rule applies to ties as much as it does to suits. Different widths will work for the different body types, to bring about a proportional general look. For instance, if you are broad, you may want to go with a wider tie, so that it may match your broader shoulders.

On the other hand, if you are slimmer, you can go with a slightly thinner tie that will complement your narrower frame. Moreover, your tie should reach right at your waistband. If it is longer, it will hinder your movement, while if it runs short, it may end up looking quite cheap

  1. The color

Color plays a major role when you are deciding on what tie you should wear. It is important to analyze which hue will go with your shirt, suit, as well as skin tone. The goal is for your tie to be ideally a shade darker than your shirt. Alternatively, you could have classic ties to have an easier time while choosing.

These classics will go with most of your shirts, and they are usually deeper shades. Similarly, staple colors such as navies and grays will be easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

  1. Occasion 

You must know the event that you are dressing for, especially as a man. This information will stop impeding fashion disasters. Generally, the most formal ties are silk with block colors, and that is the main reason as to why they are worn to offices and boardrooms. In recent times more men have gravitated towards knitted ties that have a narrower design. These are less formal, therefore, can be worn on casual occasions.

  1. Prints and patterns

Times have changed, and now it is easy to come across a person wearing their suit with sneakers. This goes to show that wearing tailored pieces has become more relaxed than in previous years. You, therefore, have a leeway to mix prints and different patterns without looking tacky.

You can start by wearing a muted print tie with another different patterned shirt. Opting for a tonal look while incorporating a printed tie, will also make a statement.

Wearing the right tie will ensure that you look put together and that you also make a bold statement with your outfit.

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