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Surprisingly, there is such a significantly high number of women who continue to live their lives unhappy with their appearance. Many of these women suffer from having low self-esteem so bad, that they stop living their lives. For example, some women will avoid going to parties and socializing, stop dating, avoid hanging with their close friends and family members all simply because of the way they feel about their appearance. According to the Huffington Post, shockingly, studies show that in Australia there are about 4 in 5 women who stated that they have very low self-esteem and about 89 percent of these women prevent themselves from important activities in life, such as engaging with friends and family members. Also, about 77 percent of these women also believe that it is social media and advertising that is mostly responsible for setting an unrealistic expectation of what women should look like. It is very unfortunate that many women are forced to feel that they have to live up to an expectation. However, the reality of it is your appearance will affect how you feel about yourself. Enhancing your beauty that you already have will be able to allow yourself to maintain better self-esteem.

According to News 18, there has been new research that came out that has found that wearing makeup has many benefits for women, such as boost self-esteem and confidence levels, as well as allowing women to feel much more smarter than they already are. Researchers refer to this effect as the “lipstick effect.” This effect is a psychological phenomenon that takes place when women wear makeup and it effectively gives them the confidence levels that they need to be successful, as well as allows them to feel more physically attractive which increases their self-esteem, attitude, as well as their personality. what researchers have found is that when women are able to boost their self-esteem, they are also able to boost their cognitive abilities as well. Positive emotions can infect improve academic performance. If you feel that you have been looking to enhance your overall self-esteem, then consider improving your physical appearance with taking up makeup tips.

There are a significant amount of makeup out there that can allow you to receive that boost that you have been looking for. If you are new to makeup, then you may want to consider conducting some research. There are many different types of websites out there that give women tips and tricks to wearing makeup. You can conduct a general search for what it is you are trying to improve, such as your eye makeup, lip makeup or general makeup. You can also try conducting a search for the following terms: best mascara for length.

Improving your appearance with makeup is a start to giving yourself better self-esteem. Perfecting your makeup skills can be easy with the right resources. Take time to conduct your research online to educating yourself more about how you can get started with perfecting your makeup skills. Once you are able to achieve your goals in improving your appearance, you should be able to see a huge improvement in your overall self-esteem and intelligence as well.

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