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When you are on the hunt for the best and most popular DJ controllers to add fun to your DJ career, you would get to know that it’s not an easy job. There is a huge variety of the controllers available in the market and without some background research, you would just get confused on which one to buy. So here, this post is to help you find the right controller for you.

Here we have gathered a list of the ten most popular names in the DJ controllers and you are going to find this list very helpful as well. on the chart of one to ten, each DJ controller is picked for its number of sales for the year 2019 and based on the reviews from the users, we have populated the list. If you want to get more information about the DJ controllers in detail, you will find to be a place for your interest.

List of top ten DJ controllers from the year 2019

  1. Numark NS7III
  2. Denon DJ MCX8000
  3. Allen & Heath Xone:4D
  4. Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2
  5. Numark NVII
  6. Reloop Terminal Mix 8
  7. Native Instruments TraktorKontrol S4 MK2
  8. Pioneer DDJSR
  9. Native Instruments TraktorKontrol S2 MK2
  10. NumarkMixtrack Pro II

These are the top bestselling names in DJ controllers and we hope that you are going to find something that would suit your pocket and your tune mixing requirements from these.

If you are looking forward to the best and feature filled version of the DJ controller, you can go for the first three on our list and these are surprisingly lesser in price compared to the other ones in the market. So if you are beginning your career as a DJ, these DJ controllers are going to prove user friendly as well as they will deliver best performances by your hands.

On the other hand, if you do not wish to have something very complicated in hand, then these DJ controllers on the extreme end of the list are going to be useful for you. You can always get upgrades later, once you start practicing on these.

In the list, you will find that we have not included any very high priced DJ controllers in it. Rather, we have very affordable ones included in the list.

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