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Demand of Indian educational system has been increasing at faster rate due to excellent quality education and inventive teaching methodologies used. To improve the learning and provide interactive teaching, various advanced technologies have been developed. Significant and high tech equipments are using in schools, colleges and other educational institutes to deliver understandable lectures, presentations and speech. Those days have gone when students become a bookworm by getting the bookish knowledge. Apart from the bookish and theoretical knowledge students want to gain practical information. With the development of sophisticated technology, it becomes quite easier to get interactive learning. School Podium is one of the biggest developments of technology that is being used by most of the educational institutes for providing the interactive and understandable learning. This highly advanced equipment has completely changed the scenario of education sector by making the teaching and learning easier. In earlier days, schools and colleges find it difficult to impart best education that brings the interest of students in studies. Gone are those boring days when students and teachers have to use chalk, pencil, eraser and dusters in the classrooms. With the advance reform in technology, it becomes easier for educational institutes to create the interest of students in learning and eliminate the boringness from lectures. Understanding the need of interactive teaching resources, majority of schools have installed Interactive Projector that makes the presentation and lectures interesting. Hence now-a-days studies are not only limited to reading and writing out the boring bookish text even learning become more collaborative where group of students can work together. Interactive projectors eliminate the need for any kind of special display screen as it combines the features of customary projector with the additional capability of an interactive whiteboard. Diverse product lines of award-winning projectors developed by the innovative team of reputable company are easy to setup and use that allow an immersive and interactive experience to teachers as well as students.

Series of new ultra projectors are available with multiple features such as flexibility in use, high brightness, portable, native resolution, built-in interactivity, video compatibility, better contrast ratio and lots more. This electronic presentation device provides interactive experience by making any projection surface in classrooms and lectures an interactive one allowing students to work in collaboration. Dedicated team of experts develops this inventive product with pioneering features that suits the need and budget of customers. By using the interactive projectors, user can project the high quality image, text, videos and other content on-to the large screen that would surely mesmerize the audience to the highest level. Another technology that becomes the need of an hour for educational institutes is Multi Touch Boards offering an easy way to educators and students opt for various learning styles. The next generation interactive whiteboard gives the freedom to learn and teach from anywhere in the classroom. There is no need to worry about the installation and operating procedure as multi touch board fully supports Linux Operating system in 32 and 64 bit installation and Microsoft windows 8. Various technological components have been featured that provides interactive learning and teaching environment in the classroom. Hence avail the best technology for your educational institute that suits with your budget and requirement.

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