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Traffic lights is also known as traffic signals, traffic semaphore, traffic lamps and even signal lights or stop lights situated at junction of roads or square. If we have diversion in road, so there should be a traffic light signal. Mainly three signals RED for stop, GREEN for go and YELLOW for warning signal. These signals are based on international protocol, which accepted worldwide. Firstly, traffic signals used during 1722, in which three traffic police officers had done this job manually. Afterword it had opted by several other countries. Some of states have manual signaling system in which officer indicates colored sign to display signals. Later it has been used in Railways, which has gained huge importance and played vital role to route. Furthermore, with the passage of time, today, almost every junction across the world has led traffic signals. In traffic signal cycle, at least one side of at junction has the green lights at any moment in the cycle. The delay in this case depends on traffic, conditions of the road, the physical layout present in any of the intersection and important legal requirements. Generally delay not more than 80 seconds and it has many slots depending on road , in dense it will be more as to compare to less traffic. Traffic signal lights system eliminates criminal activity like robbery, hit, and run cases. There was numerous accidental deaths happened when signal was not used, after usage of signaling accidental death ratio degrades drastically. Still adverse weather condition is major issue for accident in some of countries in which driver unable to sense signal because of bad weather. Various approaches have been proposed to support these area namely VNET (Vehicular ad-hoc network), vast research work is going on this field to minimize accidental death in several countries. Some unusual light signal design used in various countries for example Double red light, Ramp metering, Timer, bar light etc. Now the time for Smart or Intelligent signaling system, in which an array of sensor based on artificial intelligence route the vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Smart lights powered by LED i.e. LED light systems could be used as part of public transport systems. The signals can be set up to sense the approach of heavy vehicles including buses and changing of the signals in favor, thus boosts the speed as well as efficiency of various sustainable transportation modes. Most of countries are unaware to these sign road system because of huge population crisis. Another strong reason behind widespread introduction of these systems is poor internet services. Most of the vehicles moving on any road are unable to connect or communicate with respective computer systems used by the authorities of their cities/suburbs utilize to control lights.

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