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Whether it’s a black-tie do, a school prom or a posh work party, deciding what to wear for that ball can be stressful. Most women love an opportunity to get glammed up, but treading the line between style win and fashion fail can be tricky.

Enter the iconic maxi dress. With the number of styles and colours available, maxi dresses are a natural choice to ensure that you rock your most glamorous self and are truly the belle of the ball.

The style you choose depends not only your personal taste and body shape but also on the dress code for the individual event. Rest assured that whether you are long and lean, petite and curvy or somewhere in between, there is a maxi dress that will work perfectly for you.

The Work Party

A work do is a time for restraint. You will see these people by the coffee machine the following day. Now is the time to get glammed up, but in an elegant, sophisticated and understated way. Maxi dresses are a good option for this type of do. Whether you opt for a sleek and chic black number or a sophisticated pattern, they team beautifully with minimalist accessories and ensure that your colleagues remember you for all the right reasons.

The Prom Ball

Proms are a transition between schoolgirl and womanhood. This may also be your first opportunity to really get glammed up, so it’s important you get it right. The maxi dress is your friend whether you are aiming for red carpet glamour, a minimalist look or something a bit more bohemian. There are many options, such as maxi dresses from AX Paris, that go from demure and innocent to sultry and sparkly and everything in between.

The Formal or Red Carpet Ball

If you are lucky enough to get invited to a proper black-tie or society do, you can really go all out. Whether you choose sequins, glitter or luxurious silky fabrics, a maxi dress paired with some fabulous accessories will really hit the mark. Maybe take inspiration from the international events of the year and add your own touches.

Whatever your shape and size, and whatever the event, the venue or the occasion, a perfectly paired maxi dress and accessories will ensure that you step out in style.

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