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Although most people like to follow the trends that are mainstream so that they can look fashionably updated however it is always important to add a unique touch to your dressing does because whatever is trending is basically what everybody is doing, and to look different, you need to do something that makes you set apart from the crowd. For instance, try a brand like Yukly. While just purchasing something popular is easy to get dressed up in and feel good, many people consider it unnecessary to put in efforts to look unique; however, here we will give you 3 big reasons for explaining that unique dressing is a must-have.

Driving Attention

Just imagine that you are standing in a room and everybody is dressed in black, there is just one person dressed up in yellow you are much likely to notice that yellow dressed person more than the hundred other black dressed ones. From this example, you can infer that even if you are dressed up in the trendiest clothes and are not unique, you will not gain the attention you want.

Social Desirability

You may think that driving attention is the same as social desirability; however, that is not so because only driving attention is not enough. You want others to think positively about you. People who dress up differently and look different than others are often socially desirable as people try to follow them and be like them. People who dress up unique are actually trendsetters.


When people tell you that you have a different style and feel than other people, such compliments will make your mood better, and you will feel more confident about your choices. That is exactly why we follow the trends because they give us the confidence that we look good, so you must follow the trends but with a twist.

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