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When you are in the pursuit of a branded stove, you will be amazed at the sheer number of branded that are available in the market. One of the best known brands of stoves in the UK is Firebelly. When you have a look at the stoves belonging to this brand, you will find that these stoves last for a longer time and they also look very elegant. There is a huge Firebelly stove range, which is really fantastic and you will surely find the one that you are looking out for. There are three categories of that are available at Firebelly-wood burning stoves multi-fuel stoves, and gas stoves. Depending on your heating needs, you can select the best stove for your home. One of the most elegant stoves from the home of Firebelly is the Firepod. This stove has a large viewing window and a 10 kW output, which means that it is perfect for a large room or apartment. The dimensions for Firepod are W: 574mm – D: 401mm – H: 932mm, and the flue is 152mm (6″). Firepod is available in 17 shades-Gold, Shimmering rose, metallic blue, honey glow brown, mauve, metallic brown, metallic moss green, metallic black, green illusion, sunset, Mojave red, sky blue, rich metallic brown, surf sand, pewter, forest green, and charcoal. The cost of the Firepod is approximately 1,600.00 (inc VAT). For this cost, the Firepod is considered to be a stylish, yet affordable stove.

When you are buying stoves, you need to check if they are DEFRA approved stoves. DEFRA stands for Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The approved by DEFRA are considered to be very good and they will also cause less pollution to the environment. Most people who are not aware of the DEFRA standards feel that they are very expensive. In fact, the DEFRA are very much affordable and easily acquired from the market. If you want to legally attach a stove to the 5″ chimney liner, then you will need a DEFRA stove only. So, there are several advantages of DEFRA and the approved stoves. When you are searching for online, you will find some very good at affordable rates that are also DEFRA approved. When you are buying from online stores, you will find that that they will have spares as well. It is always recommended to buy original spares of the so that you will not have any problems in the future. Getting a guarantee on the will not mean that they will be replaced of there is any small defect. There are many such terms and conditions that you need to be aware of when you are buying stoves. By and large, you will find that stove manufacturers give two years guarantee for their stoves. You will have to check the servicing terms and conditions that are applicable to the stove after 12 months of purchase. Always make sure that you buy good and branded for your heating requirements.

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