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Most customers are aware that auto dealerships offer lots of discounts and promotional offers. Therefore, as auto dealer you need to ensure that you are offering an attractive incentive that can promote your sales.

You can get reusable printed tote bags from Custom Earth Promos which can surely be an attractive gift that can be offered to your prospects, so that you can give them a very important environment message.

Things to know

  1. Even if you are running auto dealership business, you can still promote your company brand by using tote bags.
  2. All your clients and prospects will be highly impressed by knowing your eco-friendly motive.
  3. All these reusable bags are quite versatile and they can have many different uses. You can use them as shopping bags, for camping, as lunch bags and also as storage bags. You can carry these bags anywhere as they are quite convenient to carry anywhere.
  4. If you want to promote few different brands then it is possible to customize them with different name of brand.

Following are few ways to use such reusable bags usefully for auto dealership business:

  1. Marketing your brand

Reusable tote bags are very effective tools for marketing any kind of brand including auto dealerships too. You can:

  • Represent your dealership
  • Tell your prospects about vision and mission of dealership
  • Can get best return on your investment
  1. Promote your eco-friendly message

While incorporating tote bags for your auto dealership promotion, actually you are sending message to all your prospects that you really care about environment.

  1. For offering customers practicality

These tote bags can always be used much more than just shopping like:

  • Camping trips
  • Grocery shopping bags
  • Halloween bags
  • Lunch bags
  • Making movement of home
  • Shoe bags
  • Storage bags
  1. For utilizing great promotional opportunity

These bags will not only be used for promoting your brand, but also your logo will be identified with many other eco-friendly products.

  1. For promoting your dealership brands

These reusable bags are perfect for all toting items right from farmer’s market to grocery store, and they are also great for:

  • Lugging gear to gym
  • Carrying things in overnight bag
  • Bringing things to or from work
  1. For partnering with a charity

Many organizations are performing great work for helping less fortunate people by collecting things like:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Hygiene items
  • School supplies
  1. For trade shows tote bags can be offered

You can offer these bags to individuals coming to your trade show booth for auto dealership.

  1. As a gift with customer purchase

Just slip your tote bag in for every purchase of new vehicle or car accessory as surprise gift. Anybody will like to get free gifts and you can provide them with early message about any new vehicle.

  1. Customers can also promote your brand

Another good thing about these customized reusable bags is that they will act for your company like walking billboard. When your customer will carry these bags, many eyeballs will look at your company logo.

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