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Are you trying to kick the habit of tobacco? Do you want to try different smoking products? If you answered yes to these questions, maybe you should consider vape products. Using these products are better and do not have to deal with the smell that tobacco has. They are very popular now among people who no longer want to smoke regular cigarettes. It is good to be careful when you do not want to deal with the harmful effects of smoking and if vaping or using electronic cigarettes are the way to go then you should make it happen.


E-cigs come with a variety of oils that have a nice pleasant scent and taste. They do come with nicotine but not enough to harm you. There is also water and other ingredients that would make them safer to use than smoking pure tobacco. You will find that having a e-cig is helpful if you want to quit smoking regular cigarettes and they also smell better. Your significant other is not going to die of second-hand smoke from you wanting to vape unlike the popular “cancer sticks” that stores kept locked up. If you see that you need to make that switch for your health, you should give it a try. More than likely you will find that the highly toxic chemicals that are in tobacco are not going to be found in vapor oils. While there is nicotine in most of these oils, there a few that do not have that as an ingredient. There are some side effects, but they are not really that serious. The oils themselves are pretty much like an aerosol or a medicine that is supposed to help the user to stop smoking. How efficient they are in helping people to stop smoking, no one really knows, not much study has really been devoted to it to find out.

The Oils 

The vapor oils are concentrated liquids that offer much-needed break from tobacco. Some people use these oils for recreational purposes but will stay away from regular cigarettes. You will find as you shop around that they come in some very pleasant scents that are not real strong or unpleasant. Most of the time, they do come separate from the e-cigs themselves. You can buy the oils in little valves to put inside of the e-cigs for your enjoyment. You do need to be careful because even though there has not been a lot studying about e-cigs and vapor oils, that does not rule out nicotine as not being addictive on this end either. You can try something like VESSEL but be careful. Make sure that you find the vapor oil does not contain nicotine.

Using e-cigs and vapor oils are essential in some people quitting smoking. However, there are people that do it for re rational use. You need to be sure that you are becoming addicted to it. It may be an alternative to cigarettes, but you still should practice some caution.

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